Simulation for health care



Monday, July 19, 2010

Setting up a Simulation Center

  • Seropian , Brown, Gavilanes and Driggers (2004) proposed an 8 step process for setting up a simulation program in a health care department.
    · Develop a vision and demonstrate what is to be attained, who will participate and how will the laboratory be used
    · Create a business plan to chart initial and yearly expenses for this project
    · Construct according to the business plan
    · Provide training for all personnel will be directly involved
    · Design a curriculum
    · Provide faculty training
    · Establish policies and procedures for the simulation lab

    After the simulation center is open it is significant to remember that key element is for integration of this education tool. These include
    1. Simulation specialist
    2. Debriefing facilitator
    3. Scenario writing
    4. Scheduluing
    5. Equipment
    6. And audiovisual

    Seropian, M. A., Brown, K., Gavilanes, J.S., & Driggers B. (2004). Simulation : Not just a manikin. Journal of Nursing Education, 43, 170-174